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Iran Rally Posting Central

OK, so we need more coverage about the Iran Election to keep it in the press. What can YOU do? There is not a lot of news coming out if Iran these days, so to keep the topic in the news, let’s go local. OK, so it’s not CNN, Fox, or even MSNBC, but it is news coverage!

This is not about rallies or protests in Iran, rather about those in your town or city, in the rest of the world!

To add your event, send us a comment about it, date, time, location.. all the pertinent details to let people know about your rally, and get the attendance up. One person in a green shirt holding a sign is cool, but 25 are better. The more the merrier.

You are wondering what you can do about  our friends in Iran, how to keep it in the news,  you can organize a rally, vigil, protest, or whatever you want to call it in your area!

This is a site dedicated to telling you how to do so, how to get press coverage, and as a central calendar to announce your event, as opposed to a random Twit now and then on Twitter. We can use this site to both catalog past support events, and schedule future events.

If you are posting about a past event, be sure to send us a link to any video that may exist. Also send us a link to the video of your event, after it happens. We can use this as a catalog of the many events held in the USA and world to support our friends in Iran.

Also, this will allow us to show the world just how much support there is for our new found friends in Iran.

First of all, I would like to get some pointers from some professionals on how to organize and publicize a rally locally.

Your comments and suggestons are always welcomed.

Here are a few pointers for organizing a rally.

1) See if you need a permit, and get one if necessary, the cost is lower than the fines.

2) Contact your local TV and Radio news Assignment directors by email, fax, and phone to tell them about your rally. Issue a press release to publicize the event to the media.

3) Choose a spokesperson in the case of a TV interview. Make it look good, and show your support to our friends in Iran.

Click Here to go the USA Page

Then go to your State Page, post a comment about past or future events.

A note on the Tor Project:

This is the manner in which our friends in Iran have been communicating out of the country. The concept of Tor, is basically a secure mini-internet inside the internet,  allowing access to otherwise blocked sites. Joining the project takes installation if a bit of software on your computer, allowing the Tor network to use part of your internet connection for communications out of secure countries, like Iran. joining the Tor project increases capacity of the network, and allows more information to flow in and out of Iran. If you set  your computer to stay out of hibernate mode, and leave it on,  and connected to the internet, you are helping our friends in Iran while you sleep. If you turn your computer off, or disconnect from the internet, the system automatically routs around your “node” or “relay”, allowing the system to work without your participation, just a bit slower. Most users will not notice the TOR connection’s use of bandwidth or computer resources on their systems. The Tor network needs our help and resources. Not money, just unused bandwidth and a bit of your computer.

A Tor Bridge is a connection that you supply to the Tor network, allowing someone in Iran to use your connection as the first link in the Tor chain. These are sent into Iran by specific means, by a few individuals, to a few individuals inside Iran. These are not published in a mass manner, this makes your connection worthless, as it can now be easily blocked or monitored by the bad guys in the Government. The need for bridges is constant, as protesters are captured, their internet history is searched, the old bridges are identified and blocked from Iranian access, they are worthless. If you set up a “bridge” there are ways to get the information to those that need it at the anonygreen site below.

There are sources for more information on the Tor project, and how you can help!  Start here:







What else can I do?

Inform Iran, the fax and email project

Iran Images, the Photo and Image Project

Contact your UN Ambassador

Plan and Publicize a Rally Locally




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